When I tell people that I’m planning to become a farmer, they usually laugh. That’s fair. I’m 28 and an “inside” girl, through and through. Since one week of Girl Scout camp in 1991, my outdoor experience has been limited to raking leaves.

I was born in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago and lived in Florida for 15 years before returning to Chicago-proper after college. I work full-time in fundraising at a large, historic garden in the city, and do some writing in my free time. I’m not a complete stranger to the growing of things; I have been an avid deck gardener since moving to the city, with varying levels of success.

As of October 1, 2012, my boyfriend and I have embarked on an adventure to start our own small-scale organic farm on his family land on the outskirts of the Chicago metro area. Our main focus is saving money for our business venture, learning everything we can about other farmers, how they live and run their businesses, and the process of growing, both personally and agriculturally. Laugh with me, cry with me, be scared by large farm equipment and bees with me. Say hello!


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