October Saving, November Goal

2 Nov

So, we haven’t really created a savings plan.  We should, and we should categorize everything, and carefully pick through what we need and don’t need.  But we haven’t.  Our plan for the first month of our new ‘budget’ has basically been: save anything you can.  No buying lunches at work, no picking up unnecessary but adorable dresses on our trips to Target (sighhh), and making dinners at home.  At the end of our first month, I think we have both been successful.  I don’t know exactly how much money TS was able to save, but he said his credit card bill was lower than it had been since he moved to the city last spring.  Mine was lower, too, but I had to mentally add the charges on my Target debit card instead of pretending I didn’t spend the money, which took a bit of the bite out of my savings.  I was able to transfer a chunk of change into my online savings account yesterday, which in addition to my  savings account at the credit union, is growing again after the large withdrawal to buy my car in August.  Less money in my bank account? Bummer.  No car payments?  Worth it.

My challenge for November is to avoid overspending at Target in general.  Is this a problem for everyone or is it just me?  Target is close to our apartments and we do a lot of our grocery shopping there, which unfortunately exposes us to all the other lovely things that Target has to offer (purses and shoes and sweaters, oh my!).  While I didn’t blow my money on clothes in October, I did buy a pair of shoes for work and some running gear at the very end of September. Last night I stopped by after hitting the gym (5k in 32:15, which is my best time, btw) and took a stroll through the clothing department.  Winter is coming in Chicago, and sweaters are out in force at every store.  Siggghhhhh.  None for me, thanks.

I will be Black Friday shopping with my sister this year, as is our tradition, but we never get too crazy.  We’re mostly there for the people watching, and witnessing otherwise normal human beings attack a pallet of $6 toasters is a sight to behold.  I’m trying to save up all of my shopping energy (and money) for that night/day, and it’s kind of nice to have that on the horizon.   I’m not Christian but I love Christmas and can’t wait to buy gifts for TS and my family. Target already had their Christmas trees up and ready to go, but they’ve been selling Christmas lights since they put up their Halloween display. It’s comminnnngggg!


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