24 Oct

I read this blog post late last week and bookmarked it.  I could have written it myself, honestly, though I’d rather not endure the staple incident.  I’d be fooling myself (but not anyone else) if I didn’t admit that I’m not always sure I’m made of the right mixture of steel and tarpaulin.  This weekend, while plowing up the pasture, I wasn’t able to use the tractor because I’m too short.  I literally could not press down far enough on the clutch.  Do they make booster seats for JD 4020s? 

“… I’ve been joking for months with everybody that this move is taking more courage that we have; and apparently there is truth in that jest. We are leaving our life behind. Our family, our friends. We’ll be six hours from everything we’ve known, from everybody that knows us. That feels weird to think about. I have lived in Georgia my whole, entire 49 years. And now I’m moving to a different state. I’m extremely excited and thrilled, but yeah, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am scared too…”

City Farmgirl >> Tuff Enuff?


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